Operations Intern


About the internship
Hourly rate not stated
6 months
Key responsabilities

Purchase Management: Coordinate with suppliers to track orders, ensure on-time delivery, and verifying order confirmations for correct product, quantity, pricing, and delivery dates. Data analysis and reporting: Analyze supply chain data, generate reports on KPIs. Invoice Management: Maintain accurate records of all invoices, tracking payments, returns, and refunds. Logistics Support: Coordinate inbound and outbound logistics, monitor shipment status, and resolve shipping issues.

Candidate qualifications and skills

As an Operations Intern, you will be responsible for managing and organizing the purchases and shipments of the tech teams. You will learn and develop skills in the fields of finance, supply and logistics. The right candidate should be proactive and ambitious. Someone that understands the opportunity of working on a very early startup (entrepreneur mindset, capacity to take benefit from a fast changing environment). Your role will have an impact on our company, you will work hand to hand with the management of the company, learning from them, and maximizing your knowledge and experience. This is much more than the typical internship where you just do what other employees don't want.

About the hiring process

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