SAP iXp Intern - Digital Sales Development


About the internship
Hourly rate not stated
6 months
Key responsabilities

Execute targeted outbound campaigns via phone, chat, and email to generate leads. Support the team in accelerating pipeline and increasing conversion rates. Nurture leads from demand generation functions and progress stalled pipelines. Plan and execute call and email activities to generate leads. Cooperate with Field Marketing, Solution Specialists, and Account Executives. Pass qualified leads to Sales for opportunity management. Regularly review lead pipeline and provide feedback to Marketing.

Candidate qualifications and skills

Current university student willing to move to Barcelona for the internship duration. Fields of study: Business Administration, Management, Sales, Marketing, Data/Process Management, IT/Digital Transformation. Proficiency in English; Spanish or other languages is a plus. Preferably, experience in digital (remote) roles with high customer-facing and phone-centric tasks. Initiative, perseverance, and curiosity.

About the hiring process

Application submission. Selected candidates undergo a review process. Background verification may be required.